Start Today Creating A Vision For Yourself

“A young woman faces the decision of whether to marry a certain man whom she loves but who has deeply rooted, traditional ideas concerning marriage, family life, and the roles of men and women in each. A sober assessment of her future tell the woman that each of the two alternatives offers real but contrasting goods. One life offers the possibility of a greater degree of personal independence, the chance to pursue a career, perhaps more risk and adventure, while the other offers the rewards of parenting, stability, and a life together with a man whom, after all, she is in love with. In order to choose in a self-determined mode the woman must realize that the decision she faces involves more than the choice between two particular actions; it is also a choice between two distinct identities. In posing the questions “Who am I? Which of the two lives is really me?” she asks herself not a factual question about her identity but a fundamental practical question about the relative values of distinct and incommensurable goods. The point I take to be implicit in Tugendhat’s (and Fichte’s) view of the practical subject is that it would be mistaken to suppose that the woman had at her disposal an already established hierarchy of values that she must simply consult in order to decide whether to marry. Rather, her decision, if self-determined, must proceed from a ranking of values that emerges only in the process of reflecting upon the kind of person she wants to be.”
― Frederick Neuhouser, Fichte’s Theory of Subjectivity

“If you terminate a person from your life who is very toxic towards your reputation, you can actually lead yourself pertaining a career that you desire without any interference.”
― Saaif Alam

“The key to career advancement is appearing valuable despite all hard evidence to the contrary. … If you add any actual value to your company today, your career is probably not moving in the right direction. Real work is for people at the bottom who plan to stay there.”
― Scott Adams, This is the Part Where You Pretend to Add Value

“Start today creating a vision for yourself, your life, and your career. Bounce back from adversity and create what you want, rebuild and rebrand. Tell yourself it’s possible along the way, have patience, and maintain peace with yourself during the process..”
― Germany Kent

“The people with thriving careers and healthy personal relationships get the same amount of time each week as the burned-out professional who can’t remember their last meaningful conversation with a family member.”
― Joe Jordan, Sharpen Your Life: 52 Strategic Moments to Create a Lifetime of Success

“Here’s to the “so-so-ing” it.
Here’s to the working since I was 14 in a smoke clouded day.
Here’s to saying I could stay until the forms were faxed.
Here’s to driving home past dark and dozing off the road.
Here’s to no over time.
Here’s to the long line to management.
Here’s to quitting, saying I’m through, saying I can’t compete for your leftover lean cuisine. Here’s to art. Here’s to freedom. Here’s to saying God gave me every penny and knowing it’s true. Here’s to the next 40 years with you.
Here’s to the new.
— Adrianna Stepiano”
― Adrianna Stepiano