Dealing With Workplace Bullying

A lot of people who are being targeted by bullies in the workplace often try to ignore it. Some people don’t even recognize the warning signs of bullying. They just think that their coworker is being annoying or difficult. If it’s their manager, they would just think that their manager is being strict or hard to please. However, you should realize that there is a fine line between bullying and occasional negative behavior. Bullying can really make your life in the office a nightmare. Even if you like the company and enjoy what you’re doing, these intimidating actions can really bring you down. It can discourage you and make it hard for you to deliver your tasks well.

If the bullying that you experience is more trivial than offensive, then you can start addressing it by staying grounded. Stay calm and don’t respond to their actions. Show them that you are unaffected. Sometimes, this will work. There are instances when the bully just wants to see you upset or affected. And then when they see that their provocations are not working, they will just back off and stop getting in your way. You can start doing this and see if it works for you.

You can also bring an end to office bullying or how to stop workplace bullying by calling the bully’s bluff. This can be effective when you’re dealing with a bully who likes criticizing you constantly just to attack your character and pull you down. If they always tell you that you are doing things wrong, then ask for an explanation. Ask them to specify what exactly you are doing wrong. Ask them what they would have done better. See things in an objective manner. Chances are, they won’t have anything valid to say. You see, this kind of bully will always find something bad to say even if you’re doing perfectly fine in your job. So when it’s time to be objective, it will be difficult for them to defend their statements properly.

In some cases, you need to bring up the issue to a supervisor or a manager. If you are planning to do this, then it is best if you collect evidence. This can be in the form of coercive emails or messages. This will help you back up your claims. However, be careful. Make sure that you are approaching someone who has decision making capabilities and is able to handle this situation without biases. This is why going to your company’s HR department is not usually the best option. The HR department is unable to make any decisions. They are also not obliged to treat your concern with confidentiality and fairness. You don’t want to risk letting them reveal to the bully that you are filing a complaint.

If your company shows no interest in making things better for you, then maybe it’s time to leave. Workplace bullying is a legitimate problem and it is not something that companies should just sweep under a rug.