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Dealing With Workplace Bullying

A lot of people who are being targeted by bullies in the workplace often try to ignore it. Some people don’t even recognize the warning signs of bullying. They just think that their coworker is being annoying or difficult. If it’s their manager, they would just think that their manager is being strict or hard to please. However, you should realize that there is a fine line between bullying and occasional negative behavior. Bullying can really make your life in the office a nightmare. Even if you like the company and enjoy what you’re doing, these intimidating actions can really bring you down. It can discourage you and make it hard for you to deliver your tasks well.

If the bullying that you experience is more trivial than offensive, then you can start addressing it by staying grounded. Stay calm and don’t respond to their actions. Show them that you are unaffected. Sometimes, this will work. There are instances when the bully just wants to see you upset or affected. And then when they see that their provocations are not working, they will just back off and stop getting in your way. You can start doing this and see if it works for you.

You can also bring an end to office bullying or how to stop workplace bullying by calling the bully’s bluff. This can be effective when you’re dealing with a bully who likes criticizing you constantly just to attack your character and pull you down. If they always tell you that you are doing things wrong, then ask for an explanation. Ask them to specify what exactly you are doing wrong. Ask them what they would have done better. See things in an objective manner. Chances are, they won’t have anything valid to say. You see, this kind of bully will always find something bad to say even if you’re doing perfectly fine in your job. So when it’s time to be objective, it will be difficult for them to defend their statements properly.

In some cases, you need to bring up the issue to a supervisor or a manager. If you are planning to do this, then it is best if you collect evidence. This can be in the form of coercive emails or messages. This will help you back up your claims. However, be careful. Make sure that you are approaching someone who has decision making capabilities and is able to handle this situation without biases. This is why going to your company’s HR department is not usually the best option. The HR department is unable to make any decisions. They are also not obliged to treat your concern with confidentiality and fairness. You don’t want to risk letting them reveal to the bully that you are filing a complaint.

If your company shows no interest in making things better for you, then maybe it’s time to leave. Workplace bullying is a legitimate problem and it is not something that companies should just sweep under a rug.

Strengthening The Weak Points


When it comes to job interviews, the kind of questions you may be asked is going to vary a great deal. It is important to ensure that you are putting in the right perorations even before you get an interview call. While what questions you will be asked during your interview is something which no one can tell you beforehand, it never hurts to be a little prepared for some of the common questions. Let us see one such question which tends to be a regular feature in most interviews.

Most interviewers are likely to ask as to what is your weakness.  Now what you really need to understand here is that you must have a clear idea about what your weakness really is.

It is not wrong to have a weakness but if you’re not willing to improvise on it, the weakness might turn out to be a major fault and can even hamper your chances of selection.

Here in this article, we are going to focus on the best possible way to dodge this question. You should check out here also for additional valuable information that will help you.

Neutral weaknesses

It may so happen that you can chip in with a neutral weakness when the interviewer questions you about your weaknesses. There is nothing wrong in doing so however, the catch here is to ensure that you list just one neutral weakness along with some other weaknesses that pertain to your career.

Now, this brings us to the question as to how safe it is to talk about weaknesses which pertain to your career. The trick here is to know which weakness to list and the ones to avoid. Ideally, the weakness you’re talking about should not be too broad. If you list the kind of weakness which can be worked upon or it is something which isn’t too huge, then the interviewer might not give too much weight to it. At the same time, you should also showcase the desire to work on your weakness.

When your interviewer senses that you are one of those who are not looking to rest on their own laurels and you would like to grow, evolve and perform better in the times to come, it will surely create a much better impression.

Even your interviewer is likely to have some kind of weakness. Ideally, you should admit to weaknesses because not admitting to your weakness is considered to be one of the major faults. In fact, some interviewers even consider it a strength to be able to open up and expose your weakness to your potential boss.

So, based on how you measure your interviewer’s temperament and the way you perceive he/she thinks, you can decide the right way of approach to take. This is a very crucial question and your answer may be used to judge the probability of you being hired. This is why you have to put in your best of efforts and you need to be confident while dealing with this question. And for more additional tips that I post you can also visit this link

Even when you are listing your weakness, some of the interviewers might go on a long discussion and check how weak you really are. Do not press the panic button. Often these are strategies to check your stress handling capacity. So, you have to ensure that you are checking these factors and sticking to the right basics when it comes to job interviews.

You should make it a point to check out The Career Mastery as it has some of the best tips as far as handling this question is concerned. We are sure that you will be able to learn some important and valuable interview tricks.

Creating The Funnel Of Opportunity


When getting an interview becomes baffling, one of the common things that occur is succumbing to despair and/or anxiety. The need to have a well-paying job is so pressing that when people face the problem of unemployment, they tend to push the panic button a bit too quickly. However, our suggestion here is to be sensible, work on your confidence levels and do what is desired by you. So, rather than panicking and attaining nothing, you need to have a proper action plan to land more interviews.

If you would appreciate a little help in this regard, we are going to let you know some of the ways by which you can land an interview for sure. These methods have worked out for other people in the past and this is why they should work like magic for you too.

Your mental game

The kind of attitude you have and the belief you foster tells a lot about the events that happen around you. We have seen that those with a pessimistic bent of mind are much more likely to stay unemployed because even when they get an opportunity, they are sure to lose it. Inside their mind, they are tied by the shackles of their own thoughts.

So, it is important to sharpen your mind game and to believe in the immense power of positivity. You need to understand that things are going to shape up the way you want them to. This is why if you believe that you are going to have the best job you could possibly imagine, situations may shift accordingly. We know for those who do not believe in this theory, it might seem infeasible. But we have seen it work for others.

At least, there is no harm in trying it. So, you need to work your mind in such a way that you feel optimistic, confident and brimming with positive vibes.

Seeking opportunities

It has been said that opportunities do not come to those who sit and ponder. You need to create your own opportunities. Having said that, try and look for the possible ways which can help you land an interview call. This isn’t going to be very hard when you know the right places to look at. If you would like to know more of such ways which can help you land an interview call, we strongly recommend checking out LIG course. We are amazed at the ways which are listed there. It might help you too.

If you have a good networking, you can make smart use of your connections to find the right ways by which you could land an interview call. Do not nag everyone and under no circumstance should you beg for a job. Your responsibility merely is to let your circle know that you are looking for a job which would do justice to the immense talent you possess. When you do that, it might open up a new funnel of opportunities for you.

So, you have to understand these factors well and then work on them. While there are more ways which can be used, we are going to concentrate merely on these at the moment.

Try and implement them and the results should be there for you to see. However, one thing which we must add here is that it is no magic potion which will cook immediate results. While sometimes you might get a job opportunity immediately, at other times, it may take longer. So, be prepared to wait and patience is almost always rewarded. And please read also my other post here. Thank you.


The Tools To Improve Your English Speaking Prowess


We all know that English is the standard de facto language which is unanimously spoken by people all over the world. No matter where you go, it is likely that knowing English will help you stir a little bit of communication at least. Yes, granted there are nations where people hardly understand English and these include countries like China, France and so on, but nonetheless, it is important to be conversant in English.

If you shift the matter to the corporate world, you will find that the importance of the English language or English conversation further increases manifold. When you are working with a big MNC, it is really important to have a smooth communication channel setup. The lack of right communication is bound to lead to endless problems. When you are fluent in English, you will be able to ease out the gap in communication and maybe enhance the work performance of your whole team.

Now, comes the big question – how to be fluent in English. Well, there are a lot of different ways you can use and we are going to list some of the key ones among them.

First of all, you should make it a point to kindle the zeal inside you to truly learn the language. If you do not have the desire from within, it is not going to work out. You have to truly believe in the need to be conversant in the language.

Practise and practice

The next thing which you need to do is constantly practice. It has been rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. So, you should put your best efforts to make sure that you are putting in the right amount of practice hours.

Until and unless you make it a point to devote the right amount of effort from your side, the fluency won’t come.

Online classes

There are plenty of online classes, tutorials and helpful pointers which can come in handy when you are looking to attain fluency in English. We would recommend checking out the videos on YouTube by Deniz as he makes use of some really smart ways.

You can enroll for any kind of English learning program as it will definitely assist you in an apt manner. These programs guide you on the steps to be taken and when implemented, it is bound to lead to the right results too. Before enrolling for the program, you can check out the details of what each one of the modules has to offer.


Every day, you should make a conscious effort to improve your English. Make it a point to learn two new words daily. Not only this, you should also strive to converse with some of your peers in English. These little habits can go a long way in improving the kind of fluency you have over the language.

Standing in front of the mirror and conversing with yourself in English is another efficient way which you can put to use. Further, you should try and watch English movies or any of those sitcoms which you feel you will like. This is an entertaining way to improve the kind of fluency which you have over the English language.

Start implementing these points and the results should appear in a few days.  Even if it doesn’t, you should not let go of hope. Mastering a new language is all about being confident and putting in hours and hours of practice. There is no reason as to why you cannot get better in any language. Think of all the benefits which you will be able to reap.